Savannah Way Green Trail – sustainable travel opportunities for travellers along the Savannah Way

Commencing 2017: Follow our innovative research data collection facility through internet portal, Normanton Solar Power Station, Test Case Project. Improving understanding and benefits of the performance characteristics of Solar PV deployed in a tropical, monsoonal climate. Develop awareness and understanding of renewable energy and how it can assist with solving issues in rural Australia. Green Energy Trail “Powering the Outback”


Discover our environmentally unique and diverse Savannah Way Green Trail, Cairns to Broome, recognising significant conservation, sustainable land uses, our history, cultural values, native flora and fauna, wildlife and our future. Visit our online directory for a range of accommodation, tours, National Parks and places of interest along the Savannah Way and Northern Australia.

Our Northern Australia Green Trail will captivate you, from the internationally significant Great Barrier Reef to the tropical rainforests of the Tablelands, organic produce and wine the picturesque outback landscapes and changing colours of sunsets across the Gulf Savannah.

Explore the vast and dramatic rivers and gorges, spectacular national parks. Savannah Way Green Trail offers an abundance of ecofriendly travel experiences giving travellers the opportunity to discover the brilliant natural wonders of our Northern Australia, East to West region.

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Savannah Way Green Trail

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